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Klean Capz

Klean Capz

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Introducing KleanKapz: Your Ultimate Airbrush Cleaning Solution

Keep your airbrush pristine and your creative flow uninterrupted with KleanKapz – the revolutionary accessory designed to streamline your airbrush maintenance process. Say goodbye to tedious and messy color changes, and say hello to efficient, effortless cleaning.

Kewl Features:

  1. Quick and Convenient: Tired of messy color changes slowing you down? KleanKapz offers an easy way to clean your airbrush in between color transitions, ensuring vibrant and accurate results every time.

  2. Screw-On Design: Compatible with any 38mm jar, KleanKapz effortlessly attaches to your preferred container. This snug fit prevents spills and messes, keeping your workspace clean and organized.

  3. Glow in the Dark: Illuminate your airbrush cleaning routine with KleanKapz's innovative glow-in-the-dark feature. Ideal for low-light settings, you can now effortlessly locate your KleanKapz even during events or late-night sessions.

  4. Replaceable Mist Filter: Keep your surroundings clean and air quality intact. KleanKapz's built-in replaceable mist filter efficiently captures any overspray, reducing cleanup time and maintaining a cleaner environment.

  5. Secure Airbrush Holder: Cleaning your airbrush has never been this convenient. The KleanKapz cap features a secure holder that keeps your airbrush in place while you clean, offering stability and ease of use.

Upgrade your airbrushing experience with KleanKapz – the perfect companion for artists and creators seeking efficiency, cleanliness, and precision. Transform your maintenance routine and focus on what truly matters: bringing your creative visions to life.

Make every stroke count – choose KleanKapz and revolutionize the way you clean your airbrush. Order yours today and experience the difference firsthand.

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